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28D Teatox

28D Teatox

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28Day Fabfit Teatox is Beach bodies favorite. Clean eating guide included.

My ingredients are blended to help you:

  • increase energy levels
  • boost metabolism
  • reduce bloating
  • detoxify
  • lose weight
  • help clear your skin
  • cleanse
  • indigestion

28Day supply of quality loose leaf tea:

  • One cup of Daytime Cleanse tea every morning to start your day right.

This is a great way to start your morning. An eye opening blends of tea. This morning tea increases your metabolism and help to flush toxins from your system while aiding indigestion and keeping your constant energy throughout the day.

  • One cup of Bedtime Cleanse tea every night to detoxify while asleep.

This night time "cleansing" tea gently works overnight to help you relax, cleanse and reduce bloating. Its a colon cleanse that flushes toxins out of your digestive tract. It is designed to work its wonders overnight.

    RECOMMENDED: Drink lots of fluid and combine with eating healthy food & exercise with your Teatox program.