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How does Fabfit Teatox work?

Our Teatox is a 2 step program where you take one cup every morning to kick start your day and another cup at night to detoxify your entire system while at rest.

How does Fabfit Teatox help lose weight?

Fabfit Teatox contains helpful herbs including senna leaves that flushes out fats and bad toxins which our body doesn't need. Where Fabfit teatox really shine is in its massive range of herb ingredients… being loaded with potent antioxidants called catechins where it helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure while cleansing the digestive system.

Is Fabfit Teatox only for women?

Absolutely not! Men and Women can drink and enjoy the benefits of our teatox program.

Do I need to be on a strict diet during the program?

No, although we do suggest to eat healthy foods and drink lots of fluid while in the Teatox program for best results. We highly recommend fruits, nuts, vegetables that are high in protein and fiber.

How is Fabfit Teatox different than the others?

Although our products are similar in quality. We are locally owned and operated in North America whereas others are located in the United Kingdom & Australia.

How long is Shipping?

We ship all our products the next business day once we received your order. Shipping is via Regular Post without tracking information.

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Standard Shipping: 2-5 business days

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